Susan Martinez, B.S., INHC, CPT
Health and Wellness Coordinator/Intake Officer

Martinez is a native Texan and Michigan transplant. After working in a number of media outlets as an Editor, Writer and Photographer over 18 years, and covering a wide span of topics including health, wellness, seniors’ lifestyles, fitness and nutrition, she changed her career path. She joined Dr. Dorit Ben-Ami in developing her private practice in April 2011.

Serving as the office manager, the holistic treatment plans and recommendations had a life-changing impact on her perspective on health and wellness. Seeing first-hand the enormous impact a balanced diet and exercise has on anxiety, depression, obesity, eating disorders and a host of other manageable problems was an eye-opener. Desiring to be a part of the “get well” script for clients, Martinez would eventually pursue certifications to that end. During this time, she earned certifications as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer.

Today, she serves as the Health and Wellness Coordinator and Intake Officer for Shalva and is eager to help people reach their goals.

Martinez also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications/Journalism.
Her areas of expertise include: Chronic pain, mental health, motivational training, professional assessments, nutrition, active listening, interviewing, time-management.

Certified Personal Training and/or Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching programs are custom-written according to the client's needs in the following goal areas: 1) Physical activity; 2) Home cooking; 3) Home environment; 4) Relationships; 5) Social life; 6) Joy; 7) Spirituality; 8) Creativity; 9) Finances; 10) Career; 11) Education; 12) Health
Many modifications and accommodations are available for people with health issues, muscle imbalances, anxiety and depression. All services are provided at Shalva.

To reach her directly or to schedule an appointment, please email:, or call (248)-327-7175.

Mailing Address:

19785 West 12 Mile Rd. #479, Southfield MI 48076 

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