What is neurofeedback?


This therapeutic modality uses real-time displays of brain activity to alter the brain's functioning through a         feedback process.

How can you measure brain activity?


This is done using electrodes, or an electrode cap, with a paste or gel. The electrodes, or electrode cap, captures the naturally occuring electrical activity of the brain. It looks like this:

Do I need a qEEG before starting neurofeedback?

No you do not. There are 2 valid ways of completing neurofeedback, symptom-based (without a qEEG) and quantitative-based (with a qEEG). Here at Shalva, we offer both types of service. However, we recommend having a qEEG done. 

What is a qEEG?


A qEEG is an analysis tool that quantitifies brain function in terms of metrics. It stands for quantitative electroencephalogram. The metrics used are: brain-waves (delta, theta, alpha, beta, & high beta), coherence, phase lag, and amplitude asymmetry. With a qEEG, a report is produced that includes sLORETA analysis and

2-D analysis.

What is the 2-D analysis?

The 2-D analysis portion of the qEEG report provides the analysis of the brain-waves, coherence, phase lage, and amplitude asymmetry. For example purposes, a simple summary is provided:

What is the sLORETA analysis?

The sLORETA analysis is a quantitative analysis method that allows for cortical and sub-cortical neuronal source localization. Meaning, it identifies the location source of the brain activity. An example of this is provided:

The metrics explained:

  • Absolute Power: The raw power of each individual brain-wave at each location of the brain.

  • Relative Power: The balance of power of each individual brain-wave at each location of the brain.

  • Amplitude Asymmetry: The balance of amplitude (strength/power) of each individual brain-wave between locations of the brain.

  • Coherence: The amount of communication between locations of the brain.

  • Phase Lag: The timing of the communication between locations of the brain.

In the images above, the areas shown in red are areas of excessive activity, and areas shown in blue are areas where there is a deficit of activity. With neurofeedback, it's possible to improve brain performance and balance the activity of the brain.

If interested in starting neurofeedback, or have more questions, please provide your information below or call us to schedule and appointment.

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